Every year, more and more senior living communities open in locations across the United States. With so many options available to retirees, making your community stand out from the competition is vital. One of the best ways to do this is by launching a senior living marketing campaign. Here are the five essentials to include in your strategic plan.

  1. Build an attractive website

The high cost of independent and assisted living leads seniors and their families to research potential communities online as a first step. Make sure your website is eye-catching and accurately reflects your facility’s brand. Include all the essential information about your community and how to contact your sales staff for a tour or additional information.

  1. Be active on social media

There is no cost to create a page for your facility on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Then, consistently create posts and short videos that appeal to your target audience by providing helpful information on a topic that helps them solve a problem or meets one of their needs. Respond promptly to any questions or comments posted on your pages.

  1. Monitor your online reviews

Managing your community’s online reputation is important. A high Google star rating ensures your facility is shown when a potential resident searches for communities with ratings higher than three stars. Take the time to thank those who leave a positive review. Always respond to negative ratings with concern and a request for the opportunity to make things right for the reviewer.

  1. Keep track of your leads digitally

A lead comes into your sales team from a variety of sources. To grow your business, it’s essential to follow up on each inquiry. The best way to do this is by using a digital customer relationship management system to automatically track every lead through the sales funnel. You can also set timely reminders to follow up with cold leads at a future date.

  1. Create a resident referral program

Your residents’ referrals of friends and family members to your community are one of the best forms of marketing. Create a referral program that rewards community members with free or reduced rent for every successful referral they submit. Give them extra points if they do a testimonial video for your website detailing what it’s like to live in your facility.

Adopting these five secrets of successful senior living marketing can help your community grow and stay ahead of your competition.