As a business owner, you have probably built a blog, optimized it and your website and established a social media presence. These tasks can be done largely for free unless you have hired someone to take care of them. However, you could be missing customers and sales by not participating in paid digital advertising. Therefore, these are tips for getting the most out of PPC advertising.

Target and Remarket Your Audience

Some paid advertising providers, such as Google AdWords, offer new services that target specific customers through programs like Customer Match. This program allows you to build a list of targeted customers and place your ad in front of them on a variety of social media platforms and devices. It allows you to present your ads to potential, targeted customers multiple times. When a person clicks on your ad initially, the service remembers this action and remarkets to them on other devices and platforms to encourage conversion, such as subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an app or making a purchase.

Go Mobile

In the past, most individuals searched for information and products on computers, but today’s customers have access to and widely use smartphones for these tasks. Therefore, it is more important that you participate in mobile advertising. To take advantage of these searches, build an optimized PPC landing page for mobile devices. These pages should be fast loading and responsive. They also need to be short, so you don’t lose your prospects’ attention.

You can also create ads that allow your customers to click on the ad and call your company. When they are interested in a product or company, these tech-savvy individuals typically want a quick connection. If they can’t immediately contact you, they may move on to another provider.

Take Advantage of Pinterest

Pinterest started out as a platform where individuals could collect website information for products, services or hobbies that they were interested in. However, Pinterest has recently added branded advertising with scheduled uploads. These pins can be uploaded in bulk and go out when they will be most effective. They reach broad audiences, but you should focus on keywords that the users type into their searches.

Create pins that include subtle CTAs, and Use your keywords well. You should avoid attaching the 150 available keywords to your pin and focus on up to 10 of the most valuable instead. These ads are also relatively inexpensive, so test them out, and then, continuously update them for the best results.

These are a few ways you can get the most out of your PPC investment. Test them on your current campaigns and watch your conversion levels increase.