As a business owner, you understand the power of digital and social media marketing. Most social media platforms now have advanced advertising capabilities. However, learning the intricacies of each program can be overwhelming. Therefore, consider starting with Facebook advertising with these tips.

Use Landing Pages

You may think that you can link your advertising back to your webpage. After all, you are trying to get your customers there and looking at what you have to offer. However, for every ad you publish, you should have a landing page. This page allows you to provide valuable information about yourself and your products without overwhelming your new customers with your full website.

In addition, your landing page has a clear message and direction. You can also collect their emails and other contact information, offer to send updates and newsletters and redirect your clients to your webpage if they want to make a purchase.

Focus on Your Audience’s Needs and Wants

Like most advertising, you should focus on what your customers are looking for or how you can solve their problems. Therefore, you should learn as much as you can about your audience, including their demographics, likes and dislikes, typical problems and challenges, habits and personalities.

You can find this material through Facebook data mining. They provide valuable information based on the individuals that already frequent your page, like your posts and have similar interests. Doing your research can save you money in the long run.

Customize Your Advertising

Once you develop your target audience, you can also find alternative markets of individuals who may also be interested in your products. You should build clear, detailed profiles of the average person in each of these markets. Then, create ads that fit their profiles. For example, a tool manufacturer may market to professionals as well as individuals who need tools for work at home or on their personal vehicles. You can also target professionals in different industries, such as auto mechanics versus building contractors.

The key is that your ads appeal directly to each group. They need to target solutions for each group’s problems or needs.

Vary the Content

Your advertising needs more than text. Instead, add striking images, videos and infographics. Determine what will appeal best to your audience. For example, professionals may want more technical information, while individuals may want general data, clear photos of the product and videos that show their usage. Use these visuals to grab the recipient’s attention. The goal is to grab their attention so they will read and click through your ad.

As you create your advertising, learn as much as you can about your target markets, the Facebook advertising programs and platforms and any features you can use to encourage conversion.