Many businesses still have physical locations where customers can buy, return, and exchange products. However, companies that want to be major competitors in retail need to have an online presence as well. This may take the form of an online store, or it may simply mean having online ads and using social media. Whichever form digital marketing takes for your company, it is crucial that you create promotions with a specific audience in mind. Follow these tips to perfect your online marketing strategy for Gen Z or people born between 1996 and 2010.

Know How To Communicate

Adults often struggle with speaking to younger people in a non-condescending manner. While you probably will not directly speak with potential Gen Z customers, they will know if you are being patronized in an advertisement. Do not try to adopt their slang, unless you are featuring someone their age in a promotion. Rather, use a respectful tone that shows you care about their interests and identity.

Understand Your Audience

Do not base your company’s marketing strategy on generalizations about Gen Z, such as the stereotype that they are always taking selfies. Instead, conduct research into the members of this generation that your company serves. Find out whether they typically attend college, and if so, whether they stay close to home or leave their states. Know which causes they are passionate about and which issues are not as important.

Use Social Media Correctly

Once you have enough information about your target customers, you can perfect your digital marketing strategy. One of the most important components will be social media. However, do not assume that Gen Z uses social media exactly as older generations do. For example, while a substantial percentage of Gen Z uses Facebook, this generation wants more than a simple page. They enjoy private groups where the attention seems more individual. Similarly, apps such as Snapchat that allow for greater anonymity are popular.

Focus on Causes

Because there are so many businesses today, Gen Z often spends money at businesses that promise to devote some of the profits to charitable organizations. Not only are charitable donations ethical, but they will also increase your appeal to a wide range of customers. Pick charities that are related to your business or that your customers love and send them a percentage of the profit of at least a few items.

You may feel overwhelmed when contemplating your digital marketing strategy for Gen Z. However, if you take the time to understand them, you will have no problem tailoring your message to suit their preferences.