Rumors once swirled that LinkedIn was going the way of MySpace and Friendster. At one point, it might have seemed that other social media sites could handle the duties of business networking that LinkedIn served. However, this impressive outlet shows no signs of slowing. It has become more critical than ever for professionals and entrepreneurs. Since it is a powerful tool for connection in the business world, here are some ways you can boost your LinkedIn profile.

Create a Winning Headline

Just below your name sits the headline. You should include your business’s name along with your title. The key here is to be descriptive and possibly show a little bit of personality. Depending on your industry, you may want to get a little creative. For instance, if you’re a real estate broker, it could be a good idea to throw in a pithy expression with your title. Beware that you don’t come across as unprofessional if you seek to move around in executive circles. Determine your ideal client or partner, and write in a way that attracts them.

Use an Appropriate Profile Picture and Background

You must have a profile picture if you want to be noticed. What kind of picture would you put on a resume? This is likely the type of image you want as your profile pic. Make sure it is a clear headshot, and don’t forget to smile! 

You also shouldn’t forget to put a background image that adds some character to your page. Be sure to include your company logo and tagline tastefully and artistically.

Ensure You Have Accurate Contact Info

There is a blue Contact button just below your headline. It is easy to overlook, but not having these details filled out could be costing you networking opportunities from users who would rather connect with you outside of the LinkedIn platform. It only takes a minute to fill out, and you should make sure you update it any time you change your business email, phone number, or operating address.

Choose a Profile URL

When you’re on your LinkedIn profile page, take a look at the URL. It probably ends with your name followed by a long string of random numbers. Did you know you can change that to something more straightforward so that you’re easier to find? Next to your background image is a link to “Edit public profile & URL.” In the top right, you can click to edit your custom URL and create something simpler and easier to find.

LinkedIn is more valuable than ever. Use it as a great way to connect with others and stay up to date on business trends.