Do you know how your current email subscribers found and joined your list? Perhaps they visited your website and read a blog and decided they liked the type of content you provided and then signed up. Maybe they followed your company on social media and clicked on a signup link you provided on your page or in your bio.

It’s important for individuals and businesses who have email subscriber lists to know the source of their subscribers. The right software tools can help to make this job far simpler.

Why You Need to Track Your Subscribers’ Origin

By tracking where your subscribers originate, it becomes easier for you to see how well your list building campaigns are faring. This information will make it easier for you to make adjustments when and where they are needed. Tracking the origins can also provide you with greater insight into who those subscribers are, as well as their conversion path. All of this information helps to laser focus your company’s future efforts.

Tracking the Origins

Google Analytics can provide companies with a substantial amount of insight regarding their website. However, it doesn’t allow tracking conversions to the email signup until you set up custom events on all of the signup forms on your site. Using other software or a plugin that works well with Google Analytics will allow you to utilize the information and start tracking within minutes.

It is also possible to track top referral sources that link to your site. When a user clicks on the link and comes to your site, Google Analytics will show the visitor as being referral traffic. You can even track the country of origin for all of the visitors, which provides you with more insight into where your visitors are located.

This information lets you see where your traffic is arriving and who is signing up for your email newsletter. You can then focus your efforts on those areas to help drive even more subscribers and potential customers.