At the start of the digital marketing trend, many business owners chose either content or PPC advertising. In fact, many had definite preferences, and it could be difficult to convince them that other strategies could also benefit their companies. However, a hybrid digital marketing campaign can provide you with benefits from both content and PPC advertising. These are some things you should know.

Use Your Existing Content

If you have existing content, you can use it in your PPC campaign. Review the content you have posted on social media, your blog or other places. Search for posts that were especially popular or successful. Look for the number of responses, shares and clicks on the content. Do you have any that engaged your audience?

Use this content to build new ads for your social media campaign. You can reduce your costs and improve your results by using popular content. In fact, Facebook allows you to “boost post” this content.

Start With High-Quality Content

If you started with PPC advertising, you may not have a lot of high-quality content. Therefore, you should make creating this type of content a priority. You can tap into a whole new group of followers and prospects by providing them with something interesting to read, watch, listen to and review. When you have high-quality content on your website, those who click through your ads will stay rather than immediately hit the back button.

If you need a starting place, look for articles that your competition has published. Search for engaging content that has a variety of features, from text to infographics, videos, audio files and photos. Identify what you like and do not appreciate about each piece of content you review. Pay close attention to the posts that do well and have a lot of comments, reviews, reposts or followers.

Then, start creating. Vary your content from list posts and research or data posts to case studies, series, FAQs and guides. Add in a variety of content types to break up the text, and don’t forget to include calls to action.

Build Multiple Campaigns

Each of your target audiences should have customized advertising. In addition, you should boost different pieces of content at the same time, especially if you have several highly popular content posts. Then, create a PPC campaign around these posts while considering your audience.

Target your existing followers, those in your target market who may or may not already follow you, friends and family members of your followers and target market and those who like you and your followers’ content or pages.

Now that you understand how these campaigns can overlap and complement each other, consider building a content and PPC strategy.