Today’s customers are informed, and they don’t tend to purchase products unless they know where they are from and who manufactured them. Therefore, you should focus on brand awareness in your marketing strategy. Many companies invest in blogs, influencers and webinars to get information about their companies out to the public and encourage relationship development. However, you should also track how well each of these investments shares knowledge about your brand with your current and potential customers.

Create or Download Guidelines

Your first task is to adopt a set of guidelines that discuss how you will share your brand with others. You may download a template or create your own guidelines, but don’t dismiss the power of having a tool that guides your decisions and tracks your progress. This tool will ensure that all of your company’s communications align with its brand, producing more effective messages.

Analyze Your Website Traffic

One way to measure your brand awareness is to measure the amount of traffic your website receives. You should identify new visitors, returning visitors, how long they stay on your website, whether they click onto other links within your site, if they read your blog posts and their purchase habits. The key is to track these metrics continuously so that you can recognize patterns and target areas that aren’t doing as well. Tracking your traffic is easy with tools such as Google Analytics.

Then, review your referral traffic. You see, as your customers become more aware and begin to trust your brand, they will refer their friends who have similar needs or desires. You can still use Google Analytics tools to help you identify your links online, which show you how many referrals you receive. Again, track these continuously so you can adapt your marketing strategy if necessary.

Compare Your Share of Voice and Market Engagement

Your share of voice is the amount of buzz your brand receives. This includes mentions of your brand in other formats, including print media, social media, blogs and forums. As your share of voice increases, so does your brand’s visibility, which should increase your customer base, revenues and referrals.

However, you can’t just measure your own share of voice, you also need to measure that of your competitors. Then compare your share to your customers. Your brand’s ranking is based on these factors.

Because today’s customers want a relationship with the companies they buy from, it is important to encourage engagement. This includes engagement on social media platforms, where you can post information, videos and deals and get immediate feedback, suggestions or other communication.

Building your brand awareness is an important step to increasing your revenue and building your customer base.