Lead generation is important to your business. New clients are the lifeblood of any organization. You might be wondering how you can create a steady stream of new leads easily through your website. Here are the top three tips for getting more quality leads through your website.

Not every lead is created equal. A qualified lead gives you context to pursue the sales process in a more personal manner. It’s easy to collect emails through a generic sign-up form, but it can be a rather inefficient approach. Lead collection tools allow for customization. If you aren’t taking advantage of this customization to target specific market segments, that should be your first step.

Add Value to Your Thank You Page

After a lead signs up for your email offering or free download, use the thank you page to further qualify that lead. Since they’ve already completed one, albeit small, action, they are more likely to complete the next action you ask of them. Add a webinar to watch or a calendar to sign up for a free consultation. You can also ask additional questions that would have been too burdensome on the sign-up page. These actions will help you segment all the leads generated through a single form.

Mix Up the Format

People love filling out quizzes. Just look at BuzzFeed if you need proof. Turn your lead form into a quiz. This breaks up the information gathering into several steps that are less likely to overwhelm your prospect. Plus, the answers to the questions help you segment the lead while providing value to the prospect. This format could increase lead collection by 10-20%. There are various applications available to help you create interactive lead generation forms.

Funnel Visitors to Targeting Pages

Weed out the unqualified leads from filling out your form by driving pay-per-click traffic to targeted case studies or testimonial pages. By reading through these pages, visitors understand more clearly what services or products you offer. They can judge for themselves if they are similar to your typical client and if they would be a good fit for your organization. It can be a longer process for lead collection, but pays off by generating higher quality prospects.

Increasing quality lead generation can be incredibly profitable for your business. Use one or more of these strategies to increase lead generation, segmentation, and quality. Don’t be afraid to use A/B testing to determine which strategies work best for your business.