Email marketing is a powerful and often underappreciated form of outreach. For a long time, it was the top choice for many brands. However, social media and some other trendy channels have caused email to take a backseat. This is probably a mistake for many businesses. Emails can be very effective, especially when paired with proper list segmentation.

The Importance of Segmentation

Your email list is at the heart of this marketing channel. After all, those addresses are all the people you can contact using an email. So, it is important to manage your list properly.

Segmenting can help you to craft messages that are more relevant for each reader. For example, you may determine that some messages will resonate more with younger recipients. By breaking them out by age group, you could also write a version of that email that is better for older audience members.

In short, by segmenting your list, you can make your messages more meaningful for your audience. It enhances the often forgotten potential of email: the power to personalize.

How To Segment

There are a number of ways to segment your email list. The best approach is to capture as much information as possible and then divide up the list however you see fit. These are some examples of different segments you could create:

  • Sales Funnel Stage: You could break up your emails based on where each lead is in the sales funnel. People in the awareness phase may be most interested in relevant information. Those that are closer to making a purchase may be motivated by a sales promotion. You could even examine how long each lead has been in the current stage and segment accordingly.
  • Prior Purchases: Are some emails on your list loyal customers? Consider rewarding them with a promotion or a special opportunity. What about those that don’t purchase often, would they be motived by a limited-time offer? Some customers may have consistent purchase histories while others may be more varied. This can create some interesting segmentation as well.
  • Source: Did you get your emails from a database, a form on your website, a sign up for an event or some other source? Break them down by where they came from. People from events may be most interested in experiences while those from your website may be ready to buy.

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Harnessing the power of email marketing can help you to grow your brand. Use segmentation to achieve even more.