Websites for law firms are different from other types of websites. The people who visit them are looking for very specific information and services. That means that designing a website successfully needs a professional who has worked with this industry before.

If your law firm’s website doesn’t have these essential elements, you may be missing out on a lot of business or losing potential clients before they take the action you want. What should your website include?

Specific Services

Many businesses can get away with a general “Services” page that outlines the main things the company does. A few sub-pages detail the important services and direct customers to contact the business for more information. This isn’t the case with legal websites, however.

People already feel intimidated by legal matters, and they’re likely going through a traumatic experience that makes them feel even more nervous. They only know their situation, not what kind of legal assistance they require. That means your website needs to mention very specific services that cover their needs.

For example, “accident attorney” isn’t good enough. Practices would need to list “car accident attorney,” “truck accident attorney,” “construction accident attorney,” or specific things such as that. People need to know you have specific experience with what they’re going through.

Easy-To-Read Attorney Profiles

You can do a lot to make your law firm more likeable from the very beginning by highlighting the people that make it great. Show your legal professionals in a human light, as friendly, caring individuals that are also experts in the law. Highlight your accomplishments, professional certifications, awards, and other things that make you stand out, but do it in a way that potential clients can understand, not with a wall of text.

Simple Explanations

Most people don’t understand the legal terms involved lawsuits, even when it’s something directly related to their case. Terms such as wrongful death, worker’s compensation, negligence and liability may seem obvious to a law professional, but the everyday men and women requiring legal assistance need help to understand.

How can you make sure your website is accurate but at the same time friendly for visitors? It’s important to make sure that the marketing team you work with has experience with websites for law firms. That way, they can lay out the information in a way that attracts visitors, persuades people to take action and feels genuinely helpful. High-quality content can make a huge difference for your business.