When you think of your favorite brand, you’re more than likely going to imagine the logo of the company, the design colors of the business, or maybe even the character or mascot that’s represented in the advertising. Whatever aspect of that brand’s marketing efforts that was deemed memorable to you sticks with you over time, as it does with every other customer out there, meaning that the business was successful in staying front of mind with their audience. While these elements of branding are important (and clearly effective), how your business is marketed involves much more than just the simple colors and logos seen by the naked eye. When you want to emphasize what your company stands for and what you can offer to society, you should put more effort into your brand techniques. Here are some key takeaways that can help you determine what your brand should succeed in doing to remain memorable with consumers, and why it’s important for retaining a loyal audience.

Everything that your company represents to the world should be made clear in your brand’s messaging. What products or services you provide, what your goals and priorities are as a business, and how you handle the state of your reputation can all qualify as part of your branding strategy. Your values and credibility as a business should be front and center for your customers to take note of, and your company’s personality should be on full display. All of these qualities help your customers build an idea of your business in their minds, and helps them to form perceptions and opinions about your brand that can either make or break your company’s success over the years.

So, why is it paramount to put your best efforts into managing your brand? All of these conditions have to be met in order to build trust and loyalty with your consumers. Since there are any number of competitors out there who may share your products and services, you need to take measures to prop yourself up and stand out through your own particular style and personality. Creating and building an emotional connection with your audience can drive customers to follow your business above other competing brands, so adding a personable, human touch to everything you do is the optimal way to achieve long-term loyalty.

When a logo and specific colors just aren’t enough, turn to more dedicated branding to improve the relationship of your business with your ideal audience. With these key qualities in mind, you can quickly appeal to consumers in a way that leaves everyone feeling successful.