If your business already uses email marketing, you’re on the right path: This marketing method offers a high level of flexibility and power, allowing you to reach the right people with the right messages. The following five tips can help you bring your efforts to the next level.

Tip 1: Be Concise

Have you ever opened an email, began reading it, and realized it was far too long to be worth your time? Don’t make the same mistake in your emails. Potential customers will appreciate concise messages.

Tip 2: Keep Paragraphs Short

This ties in with concision: Shorter paragraphs generally work better. You can also use headers to let customers know what’s coming next and to break up what would otherwise look like a wall of text.

Tip 3: Research Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important for any form of communication, including email marketing. To research your audience, try using data from your e-commerce store, social media marketing efforts, and tools like Google Analytics. Information like age and location can be invaluable.

Tip 4: Track Your Results

Another essential best practice is to track what works and then keep doing it. Do your customers consistently open emails with a certain type of subject line? Ramp those up. Do they tend to follow links to your website’s store? Keep putting those in. At the same time, tracking what works can also alert you to what isn’t working. If a certain type of message is ineffective, you can modify it or stop sending messages in that format out. As a starting point, the Digital Marketing Institute recommends tracking these five metrics:

  • The number of unique opens. 
  • The forward rate. 
  • Sales generated by emails. 
  • Bounce rates. 
  • Click-throughs.  

Tip 5: Consistency Is Key

Being consistent with email marketing is important for getting and holding customers’ attention. For example, if your company publishes a weekly newsletter, you can use that to build excitement among your customers—they may come to look forward to it each week. However, if your business misses a week or two, customers may begin to forget about you.