User experience (UX) design affects virtually every component of how users and visitors interact with apps and websites. A good one can lead to more sales or other positive outcomes, while a bad one can turn people off from companies and other entities for good. This post goes over some of the latest trends that designers are using to create positive user experiences.

Synchronization Across Devices

Because people are accessing content on more diverse platforms than ever, one important UX design trend is synchronization across devices. As pointed out by Jeremiah Lam of the UX Collective, cross-device synchronization is no longer limited to just making sure the experience works on both desktop and mobile platforms. Along with those channels, devices such as smart televisions, smart speakers, smartwatches, and so on must all be taken into account.

Hands-Free and Button-Free Experiences

Another UX design trend to keep in mind is a growing emphasis on creating hands-free experiences. In other words, voice-based interfaces are gaining importance. Users are increasingly favoring voice commands for tasks like scheduling reminders and performing searches.

Somewhat related, certain platforms are doing away with buttons altogether. For example, the Android 10 does not feature buttons, instead of relying on hand gestures for many tasks that were once button-based. UX designers must keep this trend in mind going forward.


Storytelling is an oft-underappreciated—yet extremely effective—UX technique. It can create an emotional connection with your audience while still imparting the information they need to know.

Minimalist Appearances

Minimalism has long been an appealing quality in UX design because it allows users to focus on only the important elements of an app or website. UXPlanet explains that elements of minimalism include an emphasis on visual hierarchies, functional elements, space to spare, and simplicity and clarity. Don’t expect those traits to decrease in importance anytime soon, especially because focusing on them can aid in cross-device synchronization efforts.