Although modern content marketing sometimes feels like you’re blazing new territory in a space where there are no rules, more marketing specialists are realizing that some best practices never have changed.

Some of the technical procedures have changed as well as the ability to learn about the performance of your campaigns and your target audience, some of the underlying principles are vital like offering great products and services, being creative, standing out from the pack, and responding to customer requests.

Having access to analytical data presents more details, which, sometimes can even be overwhelming when trying to make decisions about the directions about your content marketing strategy.

But the more you do this, the easier it is to look at what data is useful to your strategy and which is just interesting numbers. You can use it, however, to make occasional tweaks which are a good idea since the marketing world changes so quickly.

Some areas to consider when looking at your content marketing plans include:

  • Plan well and regularly. It’s easy enough to react to responses from customers, rivals, current events, or the larger marketplace. You should always have your feelers out but a smart strategy is planned out, ideally months in advance. This will give you a guideline and help you stay organized.
  • Be open to being flexible.  If you have a plan in place, it’s easier to divert from it if needed provided you always have it for guidance and a starting place. But not having a plan makes everything feel random and scattered.
  • Seek feedback. Your customers should always be a metric but a good employer seeks input from others on their team, including their sales staff, their customer service staff, and others. One way to get a good perspective beyond your own company is by bringing in a trusted vendor and asking for their advice.
  • Look for other opportunities. How can you leverage yourself to be where the customers are, sometimes literally? This should be part of your planning as well.

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