A landing page is the first look that your potential customers have of what you have to offer. Maximizing your landing page will help maximize your conversions. Here are some tips that can help.

Build your credibility right away. Keep your company name and logo prominent so readers know they can trust you.

Get email addresses from those who don’t purchase products. Even if someone does not buy, you want to ensure you connect with them. Utilize tools built to capture email addresses of those who visit your landing page.

Utilize testimonials. Testimonials are a good way to show people what customers think of your products and services. Having them on the landing page gives potential customers insight early in their research.

Use bullet points. No one likes to read a big block of text. Bullet points will give your readers the important information in an easily-digestible format.

Use the headline to pique curiosity. The most important part of content is the headline and lead paragraph. If your potential customers are not drawn in by them, they are likely to stop reading.

Keep the content conversational. Your landing page is not the place for highly technical content and jargon. Keep the content conversational to draw potential customers in.

Use an emotional hook at the beginning of the content. An emotional hook will help set your content apart and highlight how your products and services can benefit your potential customers.

Solve your customers’ problem. If you are not able to solve problems for your customers, they won’t want what you have to offer. Putting this information in the landing page will show them why they should keep reading.

Keep your landing page timely. Updating your landing page content will show potential customers you are paying attention to current events and news and maintaining the page. 

Emphasize a money-back guarantee. A money-back guarantee can make people more likely to purchase, even if they are less familiar with your products and services. They will have the opportunity to try it knowing they can get a return on that investment.

Whether you are creating a landing page for a new product or you want to update an existing page, there are ways you can increase the likelihood of conversions and increase your revenue. These tips will help ensure that your landing page becomes an asset to your goals.