In 2020, there are very few (if any) marketing professionals who can’t list “digital advertising” as an area of expertise on their resume. The rise of digital has breathed new life into the marketing world and created a new rule book for media buyers, creative directors, producers, designers, copywriters and others. It seems like almost weekly a new platform or channel arrives to be explored and evaluated, and new advertising buzzwords emerge almost twice as often. One of these is “cross-platform advertising.” Those who understand what it is, and how to use it, can unlock great returns on their investments.

Understand Buying Habits

Essentially, cross-platform advertising is a fancy way of referring to aligning your marketing messages on every channel you use to advertise. So, if you buy static web banners, YouTube pre-rolls, social media ads, and television commercials, you want to be sure you are consistent and direct with your copy, design, and call to action. Taken to another level, these elements can drive to each other (especially from traditional media to the web if you are looking for direct online sales.)

“Follow” Your Customers

Cross-platform advertising allows you to expand your strategy significantly. Part of your digital buy can be spent on “retargeting” which utilizes cookies to “follow” potential customers. If you’ve viewed an item on a retailer’s app on your smartphone, ad for that item might appear on a different app or website to entice you to consider sealing the deal and making the purchase. Companies that use retargeting and other similar tools like geofencing reap the most unique benefits of cross-platform advertising.

Make Purchasing Easy

Going back to the idea of consistency in advertising messaging, it’s critical to make sure that all roads lead to the same place. You need a single landing page that is set up clearly and securely to accept payment. Far too many businesses spread out in multiple directions and try to take orders and payments on their apps, social pages, and websites. This does more harm than good. Lead them to a single payment portal. Nothing turns customers away more quickly than a complicated purchasing experience.

Amplify and Reinforce Your Branding

Always be branding. Consistency in branding goes beyond copy. Always use you brand voice, and proprietary marks like logos, fonts, and color schemes. You still get value from customers who get more exposure to your brand, even if they don’t buy.

If you’re buying ads on multiple platforms, be consistent and persistent. Give them an easy buying experience and brand at every opportunity.